Sacred trade-offs

What is called “commitment” works like a sacrifice, in a way. This sacrifice is something that you acknowledge that must be given away in exchange of reaching the necessary goal. You even tend to have aversion to it, condemn it.

Suppose, you want to get really good at boxing. You commit to it, and you sacrifice a part of your life and your time to attending the gym. You also take a somewhat fanatic stance about boxing: you romanticize it, and condemn those who were into boxing but dropped off.

It seems like each level of development has its specific sacrifice:

Level Sacrifice what To achieve what
Green Egoism, radical freedom, “this is above my paygrade” thinking Global stability, absence of cataclisms
Orange Stability, having a compass in life, knowing the truth Ability to condence relative truths (“what really works”) from the experience and experiment
Blue Agency in life, thinking for yourself, egoism Stability of socium, absence of war
Red Comfort, relaxation, easy life, receiving resources for free “out of nowhere” Victory, agency, control of your life, alfa-maleness