Universal GUI for any CLI program

Why GUI is better than a CLI interface?

When you look at a GUI, you almost instantly grasp what your options are. To know what your options are for a CLI app you need to work hard: run man {your program name} and read through a decypher a huge amount of text which is technically correct but usually very obscure
Very long input validation feedback loop
A good GUI instantly validates your input and often guards you from giving incorrect input, for example, if you are allowed to upload only JPEG files, a GUI would refuse to select other types of tiles. With a CLI you receive the feedback on your input only after you have run the program + that feedback is usually obscure.

I see an obvious step forward: a GUI that would automatically run man, parse the instructions and build controls of the corresponding types for all the options: checkboxes for flags, file dialogs for arguments that accept file paths etc.